We are an eSports development and marketing business.

Established by veteran video games development and publishing people, we are building an eSports business that will span across leagues, tournaments, teams and sponsorship opportunities.

If you are a player and want to get involved with our teams then please click here.  We are currently recruiting a high-class Fornite team to take on some of the best known players and squads from the UK and ROW.

We are establishing a network of teams around the UK to further the UK’s eSports expansion. Teams will play against each other in numerous competitions and we will provide feeder team links in to the world-wide tournaments.

We provide various news items which are, as you’d expect, ‘correct at time of going to press’.

For any enquiries, please use our contact page.  We’ll get back to you quickly.

All logos, images, names etc are copyright of their respective owners.

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